Who’s in control?

Joshua 6:26

Joshua instructed the people NOT to touch or keep any of the “accursed things” lest they become cursed. This would have been anything used in pagan rituals or idol worship to their foreign, false gods.  The people of God are not to mingle with the things of this world that are used to glorify the devil. I’m not talking about man’s rules or legalism – I’m speaking of tv shows,movies, music, clubs, organizations, or practices that clearly have a dark message or tone that comes from the enemy, that are not only socially acceptable, but widely popular. The trick of the enemy is to desensitize people into believing these things aren’t really harmful, when in fact, they can open you up to the demonic, often without your knowledge.

After their victory, Joshua declares that anyone who rebuilds the city of Jericho will be cursed before the Lord.  It will affect their firstborn and their youngest (generational curse would be upon them)  – Joshua 6:26: God honored Joshua’s decree, and it happened just as he said! You can read about it in 1 King 16:34. It was during the reign of the evil King Ahab, when a man named Hiel of Bethel rebuilt Jericho. It cost him the lives of his first born son Abiram, and his youngest son, Segub. It’s unclear if he actually killed his sons as a sacrifice, or if they died by the hand of the Lord in some mysterious way. What we do know is that the word spoken by Joshua came to pass after 500 years. This proves the power we as Christians have in our words to decree & declare a thing, and it shall be done.  Jesus has all power and authority in Heaven and on earth (and below) – He gave us that same authority in His name.

Jericho was utterly destroyed, no human or animal survived (other than Rahab and her family as promised).  Despite Joshua’s curse, and the obvious price Hiel Bethel paid to rebuild this city, it has been destroyed and rebuilt many times over the years. To this day, Jericho is located on the west bank of Israel under Palestinian rule. Israelis are not allowed in Jericho.

It’s important to ask ourselves: why was the enemy allowed to take back this land that God had given to His people?


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