Don’t Fail Your Test!

testingPeople say that there are two things you can count on in life, (1) death, and (2) taxes. . .

As a Christian I would like to add two more things that you can be absolutely sure of. . .

(1) God’s love and His Word are unfailing, and (2) If you pray to surrender your will in exchange for being led by the Spirit…you WILL be tested.

I know this makes many of us scared to utter such a prayer, LOL  Nevertheless, I find myself speaking out loud “Lord, I want more of you, and less of me“, “I want to be led by Your Spirit, so I won’t fulfill the lusts of the flesh“, “I want YOU to be in control, not me“… on and on it goes. When I’m caught up in worship & prayer, experiencing the wonderful presence of the Lord, it compels me to pray such things. I know it’s the Father’s heart & desire for us. But afterwards..

EXPECT a test! Opportunities will arise, almost immediately, causing your fleshly or carnal attitudes to surface. These “opportunities” often come in human form, and you have to remind yourself that the battle is not against flesh & blood.

God allows such moments, that feel more like an attack from the enemy, in order to answer the very prayers we’ve been praying. Too often we forget what we’ve asked for in prayer, so when the tests come, we think it’s from the devil and we try to rebuke it! We ask God to “stop” the very thing that He’s allowed in order to answer our original prayers.

Instead of fighting the process that God has chosen to purge us of ungodly attitudes and mindsets, we need to recognize what the enemy has meant for harm, God is working in it, in order to take us to another level in our spiritual walk.

The problem comes when we don’t see the bigger plan, and we fall prey to the enemy’s temptation to be offended by people, disappointed in God for not coming to our rescue, or rejected because our prayers are seemingly unanswered.

Christians whose hearts are to grow in the Lord, yet have not conquered their flesh, loose ground at times when they don’t understand the enemy’s tactics, and the Lord’s process.

So let’s embrace the trials that come our way as a tool for spiritual growth and allow God’s grace to strengthen, mold, and transform us into His image.


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